For those people who have tried to lose weight and failed, they can relate to other people’s difficulties as well with finding ways and means to get fit.

Spending money on equipment and machines so they can exercise, hoping that soon they can finally see themselves losing their belly fat, and rejoicing over their weight loss.

But there are methods to exercise where you don’t have to spend money on equipment, as always, focus and determination are just what you need.

Jogging as a weight loss plan

It is an ideal training and exercise for those people who don’t want any stress with their exercise routine. They need to have a schedule where they will jog around the yard, around the neighborhood, or in the park. Jogging is also for any age, as it can improve your body’s ability to bring oxygen to your overall muscles.

Your heart rate will improve, and your circulation. Jogging will improve your metabolism, plus develop your balance and muscle strength. Jogging can help a person burn anywhere between 11 to 18 calories per minute.

You should start jogging with a warm-up for at least 5 minutes. Best to do some knee lifts, side stepping, quick walking, and even marching up and down the stairs. Then you can start jogging for 5 to 10 minutes at a moderate pace per day or even for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on your capacity, gradually increasing the period, and the pace should be your goal. A start of thrice a week is good, then adding more days can be done after a few weeks of jogging.

It is also beneficial to those who do this activity as they go out and enjoy the sunshine and see the outdoors benefiting their mental health at the same time.


This is another superb idea for weight loss. You need a funky tune to accompany your routine. Dancing is beneficial as it will also strengthen your lower leg muscles, and improve your heart condition, increases muscle strength, it adds to your endurance; it conditions your lungs.

Because dancing is an entire body workout, it can also be beneficial to your balance and coordination, plus it can help you burn 120 to 300 calories for a half-hour of dancing.

You can also do it in your home if you are not keen on spending additional money to enroll in dance classes. Any ample spaces to move around, are fitting for these exercises, plus using the right outfit is a must cause you to need to move freely, while you dance. Any constricting clothing is not ideal for this exercise.

Aerobic weight loss

Another weight-reducing plan is doing aerobics, whether in your home or the gym. Aerobics improves cardiovascular health as it lowers blood pressure and keeps the blood pumping efficiently.

It also lowers the risk of some health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

As you start the aerobic exercise, you will notice that your heart beat faster, and you breathe more deeply as your heart is pumping faster as it increases blood flow to every muscle before it goes back to the lungs.

It also releases endorphins during the activity and acts as a happy pill for those who follow this exercise. We also know it to make you feel relaxed and boost your mood. This activity also helps you sleep soundly at night.

It is ideal to do moderate or intense aerobic exercise depending on your capacity every day of the week. You can start at 15 minutes during the first few days and slowly increase it to 30 minutes as you move on.

Doing aerobics needs no equipment as you do it with a combination of jumping, running, and walking.

Jumping rope activity

Even if you are just a beginner in the use of jumping rope, you will have no difficulty starting this exercise.

When you start it at home, make sure you have the right shoes to protect your feet all the time, and you must have the right floor to jump on, there should be no stuff on the floor that you can accidentally step on. Space is also needed when you are jumping rope. So doing this inside your home is alright as long as you have space or you can also do this in the park if it is more fitting for the activity.

Jumping rope can help a person lose calories over 10- calories per minute. It also strengthens the backside, arms, shoulders, and most importantly, the legs.

You will also have no issue starting this exercise, as you have probably experienced this activity during childhood.

Jumping rope, combined with a diet plan, can go a long way to support you in your journey to health and wellness.


Walking as a form of exercise is another example of a weight loss activity that you can try, where there is no need for equipment. Many people believe that it contributes to healthy living when you do more walking than riding any vehicle to go to any short distance location.

It is cheap and won’t cost you anything in the equipment. If you are starting on your wellness journey, walking can be your first step towards your weight loss goal.

We consider it a lower-impact exercise cause it does not put stress on your joints and your muscles, unlike running as your first step or jogging that should slightly stress your muscles during the first try.

Walking for 30 minutes every day at a moderate pace can make you burn calories around 160 to 180.

You also need not find a schedule for walking cause wherever you are, you can choose to walk instead of riding a vehicle anytime.

To get started with this routine, take a 15- 30-minute walk every other day, and then you gradually increase this to 30 to 45 minutes to an hour and more.


This exercise will not require you to buy any equipment, but you need to have the right swimming gear so you can be comfortable while doing the activity.

A 30-minute swim can help you burn calories from 290 to 410 calories.

Swimming reduces the risk of heart attack and decreases total cholesterol plus improve the blood triglycerides.

During the first few days of swimming activity, some lower muscle and arm muscle may feel a bit of discomfort, but as you increase your swimming time, you will notice an enormous improvement in respiration, plus you lose the discomfort, after a few days.

You may start with a workout first for a few minutes before you get in the pool. Then a 30-minute swim should do for starters. A three times a week schedule will suffice and then check on your improvement. Can you hold your breathing, and for how long? This means your lung health is improving. You can add more time eventually.


Men are the most frequent push-up executor compared to women, but women can also do this activity. It will just take getting used to before they can smoothly transition to doing it daily.

It can support men’s health because it helps core muscles while adding an upper body and lower back strength. It is beneficial to your triceps, shoulders, and pectoral muscles.

You only need a clean floor plus the right pair of shoes for this activity. Also, make sure that there is no stuff lying around the floor that can pierce your hands while you are doing the push-ups.

Push-ups can help in losing calories as it became apparent in a week, the changes in your body.

Starting with over 10-pushups, during your first try, then gradually add a few more till you can do 50 per day. You should have a goal after reaching 75 after some time, and then adding up to the number should be what you will aim for.

Stair climbing as your weight loss plan

Stair climbing can make you sweat profusely and will help you lose calories in the process. It does not cost you anything, and exercise equipment is not required.

It burns fat fast, strengthens the lower body, tones your thigh, calves, and tones your backside. It will improve your lungs and cardio immensely. It is an effective high-intensity workout to help build your agility and speed.

One advantage of using stairs is that it is readily available. You do not need any equipment here, and if you do not have stairs in your home, you can use something to step on to imitate the action of climbing the stairs. It can be a small stool or a box that you can step on lightly without putting much pressure on it.

To start on your stair climbing journey, you can first warm-up for a few minutes or climb the stairs slowly. You may find that going up takes more effort than going down, so you should be prepared.

Once you are used to running up and down the stairs, you can add more time and make it a frequent activity.