Are you looking for healthy breakfast recipes that you can make quickly and easily? Although most people have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, many still don’t take the time to eat breakfast. If you skip breakfast regularly, you are probably familiar with the small headache and the onset of mid-morning weakness. The reason is because you didn’t have breakfast.

Healthy breakfast recipes and dessert recipes are a step in the right direction, but not if you do it just once a week, you’ve probably heard people say … have your breakfast, it’s the meal most important of the day. Well, they are right, breakfast provides energy for your body after an 8-10 hour fast. Although you don’t spend a lot of calories with exercise in sleep, the body uses energy for metabolic actions.

Why is breakfast so important?

So why is breakfast so important? When you sleep at night, you spend about eight hours without water or food. This means that you get a little dehydrated when you wake up and probably your blood sugar is also low. That’s why you don’t have much energy. However, it’s time to hurry up and get ready for your day, so you miss eating. When you skip breakfast, you keep letting your body become dehydrated and your blood sugar may drop even more during the day. Then, you will end up feeling terrible and very hungry at the end of the day. In many cases, it is easy to overeat afterwards because you are very hungry.

Skipping breakfast is just like failure to put gas in the car when the tank indicates it is empty. Although you may not stop working, you may feel awful and have very little. If you like healthy breakfast recipes, snacks and dessert recipes, you’ll have time to eat those moments, releasing energy capsules and complex carbohydrates.

It must be remembered here that weight loss is not counting calories, but dense, healthy and healthy food that gives your body everything it needs. Do this and your body will reflect your efforts.

1) Potato pancakes – This breakfast recipe is a really great comforting food. With the taste of the potato, its taste is only satisfactory. There are so many options and depending on how I feel, I can do so many things. If I feel like eating something sweet, I add a little apple syrup or sauce.

However, when looking for a more flavorful dish, add some sour cream or cream of mushroom soup as a topping. Even without any supplements, potato pancakes start well in the morning.

2) Hashbrown casserole – Hashbrown casserole combines all the qualities of Hashbrown with other delicious addition such as cheese, sour cream, chicken and many more. On days when you need a great breakfast with a variety of food classifications, this is the best one to choose.

Make this recipe the night before and just heat it in the oven if you have time, or in the microwave if you run out the door.

3) Smoothie – It is a choice for those who want to eat a larger amount of carbohydrates for breakfast. Simply mix your choice of fruits and vegetables with raw milk or water. Examples are strawberries, blueberries, bananas, raw milk, ground seeds.

4) Eggs Benedict – This is one of my favorites because there are so many things that go into Eggs Benedict. It’s not the typical breakfast with eggs and toast, as it has a poached egg on an English muffin and is topped with a Dutch sauce.

Not to mention the kindness that Canadian cheese and ham or bacon can add to the mix. Definitely it is the perfect combination of ingredients for breakfast.

5) Liver and bacon –

The liver is one of the richest foods. Just a few of its advantages are that it is rich in protein, vitamin A and vitamin B complex, especially vitamin B12. Bacon not only adds protein to this meal, but it also tastes good. Fry with onion, mushrooms or any vegetable you want.

6) One-pan English breakfast – This is a really simple, easy and quick breakfast. All you need is a cooker and the ingredients. Take the usual ingredients from your English breakfast (eggs, beans, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, potato slices, etc.), cut the larger pieces into smaller pieces and put everything in the pan. It may not seem like the most organized meal, but everything is there for easy eating and easy to prepare breakfast.

7) Oat pancakes – for the simplest choice, mix 1 cup of oatmeal into powder and mix with the eggs. This mixture can be poured into a pan and fried in a pancake. If you want to add more protein, just add some protein powder. For a variety of flavors, try adding some raisins, cinnamon or bananas.

On Sunday morning, this is one of the most requested recipes in my home. My daughter loves to help measure the ingredients and, as she is busy preparing oatmeal pancakes, she also loves to eat them.

What a concept it is for your kids to help prepare the recipe and, in turn, they will also help you eat it as well. This technique cures the selective syndrome.

8) 1 liter of raw milk – it may seem like a bottomless meal and just a drink, but you would be very wrong to think that. Raw milk is one of the most nutritionally balanced foods available. Not many foods your body needs that raw milk does not provide.

A similar option for someone who wants to weigh in, which I usually choose would be the same liter of raw milk with some cracked raw eggs, 2 tablespoons of ground seeds and even a few tablespoons of creamy raw milk. This is a high calorie drink and it satisfies me for hours and hours.

9) This is not really breakfast, but it should be put here to help you on your way to optimal health. Basically, breakfast idea number 9 is dedicated to healthy fats. Even if I don’t have enough time to prepare my breakfast, I always have my healthy fats. This includes a few tablespoons of coconut oil, a few tablespoons of flaxseed oil, and a few capsules of butter with a high content of vitamin and cod liver oil. This ensures that whatever happens throughout the day, I will get some very important high quality foods that are hard to find in today’s fast food culture.

10) Belgian Waffles – Waffles are great because they’re crusty and it’s another recipe I can try. Belgian waffles are easy to make and there are many things to do with them, such as cream, fruit or butter.

I added Belgian waffles to the list because it’s something I can’t find anywhere else. There is something about Belgian waffles made from scratch that is better than commercial waffles.

What to include in your breakfast:

These nutritionists suggest that we become shepherds instead of eating three large meals a day, that we consume small amounts throughout the day. This may not be possible during the school year, but mid-morning snacks and after school are not a bad idea. Become the energy of these healthy breakfast recipes and dessert recipes, avoiding simple sugars and the results of Yo-Yo.

Results of Yo-Yo.

Simple liquid foods are found in refined foods, such as white flour or high sugar, as well as in fructose, sugar found in fruits and honey. He also gives strength. Eating too many simple foods can cause serious side effects. They cause high levels of sugar in the blood, which stimulates specialized cells to produce more insulin, essential for the body to use sugar properly.

Without good recipes for breakfast, snacks and sweets … too much insulin is hidden, which causes low blood pressure. This can lead to weakness and strain or even fainting. If you eat chocolate bar for fun, your blood sugar rises again, the pancreas releases more insulin, the blood pressure drops, and soon thereafter you faint. This is especially common among children today because of the amount of food they consume in soft foods and soft drinks.

Fat is essential for good health.

Good breakfast recipes Breakfast recipes with sweets and fats are very important in our diet. It is essential for the production of large amounts of hormones in our body, in order to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and repair muscle tissue. Because fats contain more calories per gram than carbohydrates or proteins, high-fat diets can cause minor side effects. Today Americans get about 35% of calories daily from fat. Many nutritionists believe that this is more common and children also react to this fats. Unhealthy foods are full of it.

Remember that a healthy breakfast and a healthy diet include diversity. If you end up sticking to your favorite breakfast recipes from above, not only will you not get a wide variety of foods, but you will also get sick and bored of what you eat, and eventually you will return to old habits. Pick up some breakfast recipes and try them out for one week and then move on to others the following week and work on them.