The healthy state is the condition in which people satisfy their needs to live a healthy life, so that, ultimately, they obtain benefits in the form of perfect general well-being. Have you heard of water therapy? This is the best method to alleviate various illnesses.

Role of water in our body

The role of water in the human body or even the role of water in all forms of life is important in understanding water therapy. Water is the second most important element in the existence of life on earth after air. We can go without food for a few days, but without water we cannot live longer than a few hours. Today, most of our common health problems are the result of a lack of water in our bodies, we use another alternative to quench thirst instead of water, such as tea, coffee, energy drinks, soft drinks and so on.

Definition of water therapy

First, you need to understand the definition of water therapy. In simple explanation, it can be defined as the natural therapy that explores the use of water to treat various diseases. Mainly, therapy has the function of preventing and treating diseases and can also be used as rehabilitation. In fact, sixty percent of the human body is made up of water. It states the opinion that water allows many healing applications. It works inside and outside the body. There are a few types you need to know and physical activity therapy is highly recommended.

Types of water therapy

There are many types of water therapy and each one has its own benefits and uses, such as cold water, worm water, drinking water, hot water treatment and much more. Anyone can use any of those, or any of the changes, such as drinking drinking water or Ayurvedic herbal remedies, are suitable for each of us. To help with Ayurvedic water, we drink plenty of water in the morning before doing anything. Cold medicine, the use of cold water, or the washing of other parts of the body with cold water may also help many of us, but how to use cold water remedies depends on the environment and personality, since global temperatures vary, as do habits and species.

Physical water therapy

Aquatic physiotherapy is the use of external water. It can be hot or cold water, usable for washing part of the body or bathing in cold or hot water. Water physiotherapy is an external water therapy and is not related to water consumption.

Hot water therapy

The application of hot or moist water to a part of the body is a hot water therapy, useful in the treatment of specific aches and pains in parts of the body, such as hands or legs.

Cold water therapy

Use cold water, for example. the water found in the baths also known as “Ishaan Therapy” is a component of cold water treatment.

Drinking water therapy

Drinking water regularly/drinking plenty of water from time to time every day is the treatment of water therapy. This therapy has many benefits that address the problems associated with a person due to dehydration.

Practical application of water therapy

Water therapy is very simple. The person who wants to do hydrotherapy should prepare 1.5 liters of water daily. The person then drinks them completely and fasts for at least an hour with any food or drink and that’s it. You may be wondering why 1.5 liters. It is the estimated amount of water you can drink so that your body can be cleansed through the use of water. Every day the water cleanses all the toxins found in your body and releases them through sweat or urinary excretions.

What are the perceived effects of water therapy? In my case, these are its perceived effects

1. My body is clean. My body, with the help of this water, expels its waste along with the toxins accumulated in it through urination and feces. Because of this water-purifying property, diseases transmitted by the foods and beverages we drink are eliminated. There is no longer a problem of constipation. The bacteria that cause frequent colds and coughs are removed from the body. I am experiencing general well-being

2. The skin of my body is no longer dry and therefore when I am hydrated I do not feel much heat. I feel comfortable all day.

3. Water contains oxygen. That oxygen goes to my brain leaving me mentally awake. So hydrotherapy helps me think well and focus on work.

4. I am no longer thirsty between meals. Unlike before, during meal time, I have to look for water because I would be thirsty. That way, I save time and my work goes on without unfair interruptions.

Literature lists these diseases as some of those treated with hydrotherapy: body aches, headache, arthritis, ear, constipation, heart disease, menstrual disorders, epilepsy, throat diseases, asthma, excess fat, bronchitis, urinary disorders, nose, all eye diseases, tuberculosis and meningitis, gastritis, kidney and vomiting, diabetes, diarrhea, hemorrhoids. 

Some other lists are longer than that.

The list is quite inclusive. Since I do not have these diseases, I cannot say that I have recovered from these diseases through water therapy. Perhaps I can say that my hydrotherapy practice has helped me avoid these diseases. Maybe. We have no proof. But it’s amazing to feel good about water therapy.

Another list will even tell you how many days you will need to cure a particular disease with water therapy. One example is hypertension. This list says that hypertension will heal after 30 days of water therapy. Diabetes will also recover in 30 days, according to this list. There are some testimonials that attest to the effectiveness of hydrotherapy in these diseases. One can try.

The important thing is that water is a cleansing agent, both inside and outside the body. Choose the one that suits you best after trying water.

There is a lot of evidence in favor of water therapy. But we must also consider some observations that do not favor it. Medical experts say there is water poisoning or water poisoning. Well, as with all things, the extreme should always be avoided.

How exposure to cold water contributes to fat loss, detoxification and recovery;

5- Activation of brown fat: BAT or brown fat tissue is the brown fat abundant in the body in childhood and decreases in adulthood. It is found mainly around the neck, collarbone, upper back and shoulders. A type of fat which makes heat through burning regular white fat that which is at the buttocks, leg, stomach and hips. Brown oil burns energy instead of storing it. Studies have shown that you can trigger red fat – burning white fat – by weakening your body.

6 – Detoxification: Toxins are known to contain white blood cells. When, in the cold, you cause red fat, it dissolves pure fat and, as a result, detoxifies the body.

7- Increased Immune System: Cold therapy increases immunity by increasing the number of cells in the immune system that fight diseases and infections. Due to its ability to stimulate release of norepinephrine, exposure to cold can induce an increase in the calculation and activity of natural lethal cells, which can greatly improve the function of the immune system.

8- Hardening: Exposure to a natural stimulus, such as cold, is called “hardening”. It is known to promote the body’s tolerance of stress and disease. “Cold water therapy is a short-term physical activity of natural cold stimulus that help reduce stress for healthy living.”

9- Drinking cold water speeds up the metabolic rate, as the body has to work to heat the water. However, certain types of ice or cold packs, such as packets of ice cream used in the abdomen, can also help to increase body fat and energy levels.

10- Exercise and healing after injuries By lowering the temperature of the tissues and contracting the blood vessels in the target area, the cold becomes numb and prevents swelling. This is why ice creams are often used after injuries, to help minimize contusions and swelling due to fluid buildup and relieve pain.

Cold baths and cold gel compresses have been shown to be more effective than resting to alleviate the typical muscle pain that occurs after exercise.

Disadvantage of water therapy

Before examining its effects, let us first consider the danger of this therapy. People have been hesitant about this type of therapy because there is a potential for water poisoning – a fatal disease that can occur by drinking water. This can be avoided by drinking clean water of about 1.5 liters a day. People delay because drinking 1.5 liters makes you urinate more often. This is true, however by drinking water every day the body would eventually adapt to your water intake and you can act normally, even with a daily intake of 1.5 liters per day.


This is a truly incredible therapy. However, if you are seriously ill, be sure to contact your doctor first and get confirmation before swallowing this amount of water. Sometimes there are patients who are advised not to drink a lot of water as this would be detrimental to their health. But if you are not a special patient and do not see complications in your body, start drinking and see the results quickly. You will feel healthier, stronger and cleaner inside and out.