Looking for an emotional boost to help you become healthier?

With men’s health you can never be too careful. For a lot of men, the full weight of financial responsibility falls directly on us.

Given our mortality rate as opposed to women’s we need to make a plan and start living healthy for our physical and mental wellness.

Getting there is no easy task and some men already in emotional turmoil may find their energy lacking already.

Boosting your emotional health, takes effort.

I can give you the tools you need to get your mind back on the road to diet and fitness for your overall health. But sticking to a diet and fitness plan only work’s if you’re emotionally in the right place.

How many depressed men do you see at the gym? Not a whole lot. So let’s start you down the path to boost your emotional wellbeing!

1.) Start your day off right! –

How might you do that? Well, there are several ways to start living healthy today for an emotional boost.

First, get a good night’s sleep.

Rest is proven to relax you. When you’re relaxing, you’re not stressing. Healthy living demands rest and relaxation. Waking up late, elevates stress and blood pressure from the moment you wake up.

Stress is a real killer and setting your whole day to the tune of it, can cause serious problems for your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Second, take a shower.

Sounds simple enough right? You would be surprised how many people skip this step because they had trouble sleeping and woke up too late. Rushing out the door already angry and tired before they ever make it to work.

Showers revitalize you. They help ease sore muscles, and the smell of soap alone can release those lovely endorphins we all aim for. Also, feeling clean just makes you feel better. Which is great for men’s overall health and wellness.

-Try waking up to something you enjoy

This is one of the few times caffeine can actually benefit you. Or maybe you prefer orange juice? In any case, something that always appeals to us, will highten our enjoyment and raise our consciousness.

Making us more aware and alert. A solid morning plan can boost emotional energy and physical alike. Promoting weight loss and trimming stubborn belly fat. Directly affecting and improving fitness and emotional wellbeing.

Starting the day off right can be as easy as the smell of fresh cup of coffee or the taste of some delicious juicy fruit. Something that pleases the senses doesn’t have to be food either. Sex can be a great way to work out and get a rewarding dose of energy for you and your loved one. Its a win, win.

2.) Don’t sweat the small stuff –

Long commutes, road rage, running late, Covid 19. People tend to worry and stress over these things.

-You can only control yourself and not what others do.

 So if your colleagues or neighbors get on your nerves, try to focus on the solution to the problem at hand. Even if it means walking away. And try to keep in mind, that as much as we wish we could control the people and things that make us upset, It is not up to us.

It is up to them, and all we need to do about them upsetting us, is find a way a to see to it that they don’t succeed in the future.

By fighting and letting them get to us we give them control over our mental health. Allowing them to make us feel how they wanted us to feel in the first place.

Violence should only be used in extreme situations of fight or flight. ( Not because Harry won’t stop clacking the paper clipper together while you have a headache. )

The damage to our health and emotional wellbeing from letting someone upset us anytime they want can be grueling and stressful. Instead find a solution that effects change ,without giving up your control.

-Don’t take on too much at once if you can help it.

If you’re already tired by the end of work, then you’re body is trying to tell you something. It needs to rest. Give it what it needs the moment you can possibly allow yourself to.

Anything that can keep stress down helps your over-all emotional wellbeing. But a nice emotional boost, comes from completing things you’ve started.

Having a sense of accomplishment when you come home has a domino effect in a good way. A job well done is a great emotional tool and has amazing benefits to your health and vitality.

3.) Eat Healthy –

– A diet plan is always good for emotional and physical wellbeing. Health and fitness are both directly linked to your emotional state

Another greatly overlooked aspect to boost energy and maintain emotional health is what you put into your body.

Your mental health boost will not come if you’re always tired from lacking the proper nutrients and exercise to keep undesirable thoughts and feeling away.

Set goals but start with realistic ones that you can reach easily and go up into larger goals only after reaching the small ones.

– Start small and cut back on sugar or soda.

Maybe choose a salad instead of that cheese burger? There are lots of filling foods that give you vital, nutrients and vitamins to help you get through the day without feeling worn down.

When your body is tired so is your mind. Try some fruits or oatmeal, instead of that toast for breakfast to start with on your road to healthy living.

Letting yourself come home upbeat, and not dragging your feet looking for the nearest couch to lie on and pass out. Can do wonders for your mentality.

Think of all the things you’ve wanted to try but have been to tired to enjoy. Like a new hobby or maybe, finally watch ing that movie with your significant other that you’ve been dying to see.

4.) Be grateful! –

This is a biggie. Which can’t be stressed enough.

With every day worries and demands, we sometimes can forget how good we have things sometimes.

 Your health and wellness can not come without first, being grateful for something that’s either, in or out of, our lives.

There are so many reasons to be grateful. Take the time to look around you and appreciate what’s there, as much as, what’s not.

For example:

My neice contracted covid 19 that had settled in her lungs. However, it was at a time when the covid cases were in decline and she got the best care that was thereunder was not just one of many. I was grateful for that.

When it started raining while I was on a motorcycle trip with my wife. I had to spend money I did not have for lodging, but it turned out to be an amazing reprieve with my wife that allowed us to connect again and enjoy each other’s company. Something that neither of us knew how much we missed until it happened.

A nice trick a friend taught me was how to use a gratuity stone. My emotions within a week went from Bah! Humbug! All the way to, “Thank goodness, that happened like that and the other way!”

Within a month I thought more about what I was grateful for, than what still needed to be done or the things that bothered me most.

– How to use a gratuity stone for emotional boosts and overall wellbeing.

Try placing a pebble or a rock with a smooth surface of some sort in your pocket with your keys, change, or your wallet. Now whenever you touch the stone or see it when emptying out your pockets, try thinking of three new things to be grateful for than last time you touched it.

5.) Affection –

Human connection is important. We are social creatures who need interaction with people we trust, love, or consider good friends.

They are tied to our health and fitness. They can be the biggest pains, or greatest source of joy for us. We all crave love and affection. Without it, many studies have showed enormous decline in health and emotional wellbeing.

Depression, criminal tendencies, drug abuse and the inability to trust or connect with people are just a few repercussions of not enough affection.

No one can make us smile like the people we let our guard down around. This can include family pets and are essential to our health and wellness.

For men’s health it’s especially important. There’s something extremely satisfying in having and providing for a family that loves and respects you.

Even just dating someone gives us a sense of pride and accomplishment. A great emotional boost comes from meaningful relationships and helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So starting using these five great tips today for an emotional boost, on your way to a healthy lifestyle today!